Louise as a professional / in the world at large

My biggest and overarching love is communication and I can trace all of the things I’m passionate about to this, by various convoluted routes. Completing an MA in Literature and Philosophy (2010), achieving a CertTESOL qualifying me to teach English internationally, my incessant need to write semi-autobiographical pieces and fiction, (painfully slow) language learning, singing as part of a choir, and of course my professional involvement in social and digital media.

So, in my professional life I generally write about things of consequence. In fact, the people I’ve worked with have said I’m pretty good at what I do*. I am part of a Brighton based Social Media Agency and have a great interest in the very human side of the digital industry.

I love writing, blogging and diagramming my way through all the wonderful stuff that assaults my senses as I do what I do. Here is a selection of the stuff I’ve been blogging about:

My professional life is a lot about social business, but it is possibly even more about change management and facilitating organisational change. The aim here is to help large companies align with the changes in the world around them catalysed by the rapid development of social technologies. Hence, in my world, positive change is very much linked with social media.

Areas of particular interest for me include

  • Making good stuff HAPPEN, rather than just talking about it
  • Helping business & brands to really listen to what people are saying about them
  • Helping business & brands understand how much it is going to help them to listen to what people are saying about them via social networks
  • Finding ways to communicate creatively to engage audiences (both internal & external to the organisation)
  • Opening up communication channels inside the business
  • Governance of social media within large organisations
  • Facilitating collaborative working & problem solving
  • Creating & running social business education & training courses

*and no, I didn’t have to pay them 😉

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