Attempted rationale 2nd try:

(all the best sequels or pretentious literary works have a colon and subtitle):
Who is Pinky when she isn’t writing solely for pleasure on her blog?

It being about 3 years since I wrote the first “Attempted rationale” I thought it might be time for an update.
I also thought people reading my blog might be interested in other aspects of my online presence. I work in the digital industry in Brighton, so I’m into quite a lot of social media type stuff.

  • I have my own twitter feed, most of which is personal ramblings
  • I have a second, photo based blog that is dedicated to documenting the microcosm of my coffee table.
  • I use spotify and make endless playlists entirely to satisfy my own whims. Type “

    ” into the search box to find me
  • I have just (Nov ’12) joined This is my Jam. Yet to figure out if it’s a fad or not for me, but I like the idea of it.
  • I love pinterest and am still experimenting with ways to use it here – I think it might be especially useful to developing and sharing my take on visual thinking / story telling
  • I blogged for TEDxBrighton 2012 as an official storyteller here
  • My day job: working for Social Business Consultancy BLOOM Social Business
    • I contribute to our blog
    • Sometimes I contribute to our twitter feed
      (Note: in my day job I go by my given name of Louise. Pinky is an endearing nickname 😉

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