Attempted rationale – 2009

For the moment, this is a blog about my study and my experiences of studying.  I am currently studying an MA in Literature and Philosophy part time while working full time.  I started my MA in October 2008 and should finish it in September 2010.  So far it has been something of a journey, both in personal and academic terms.  I may well end up filling out this blog with much more personal detail as I get in to it, suffice it to say for now that there has been a staggeringly enormous amount of upheaval in my personal life over the last 18 months, without which I would be a wholly different person.  I couldn’t even have imagined starting an MA 12 months ago, and now I find myself in the midst of what is in turn both an extremely rewarding and rather terrifying programme of study, with a fierce determination to make the most of whatever opportunities it brings.

The question that titles the blog relates to my study in at least two senses.  Firstly it relates to my long held and unwavering interest in the social and historical context in which (as individuals and as collectives) our opinions and judgements are formed and in which we act.  Secondly it relates to my continuing sense of amazement that I am studying at all again, and that in some sense, it almost feels like it is not really me doing it.  A kind double take and “how did that happen?” feeling about where I find myself intellectually.  There may be more, I will fill in the details as I manage to articulate it further to myself.  That same sense of mild surprise about the fact that I am here and doing what I do also applies much more widely to my experience of my life at the moment.  It is my intention for this blog to capture my reflections on my process of learning and study rather than go in to my research in great detail, though there will inevitably be some overlap between the two.

One other deep, deep interest of mine that I really would like to make explicit is my fascination with writing.  In my study and research my attention is continually drawn to the consideration of writing, how we write, why we write, the relationship of what is written to its writer and how we understand the writing of others.  Inseparably bound up with these question are concerns about meaning, intention, the possibilities and impossibilities of communicating with others.   As well as studying the writing of others I am busily engaged in exploring my own writing and trying to reflect on what it means to me.  This blog, therefore, on one level is an experiment in sharing and publishing relatively personal and informal writing while also, on another level, being a place to capture (in writing!) self-reflective observations on writing and the relationship between my writing and my learning.

Essentially, I think I write to try and answer the question that titles this blog.

So – How did I get here again??


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