Time & toilets

I never did write up the last couple of posts from my week off work, so I’ll round them up now because they were on two points that captured my attention and that I wanted to share.

1) a little thing that made a big difference was calling a plumber. On Tuesday of my week off I called round a couple of plumbers to fix the my toilet which would only flush intermittently. After about 3 weeks of trying to make time to do this and be at home for it, I was finally motivated to do this by the horror of the embarrassment if a friend came round the the toilet wouldn’t flush.

I called and left a message on an answering machine and waited to hear. I forgot all about this until I call the next day which started “Problem with the WC?”

I was utterly confused, having forgotten all about leaving the message the day before. Once we figured out what we were on about a plumber was sent round that afternoon and he fixed it in 15 minutes. A guaranteed flush every time and the clean water leak at the back of the loo fixed! I literally jumped up and down for joy I was so pleased. Poor man must’ve thought I was mad. The important point (!) being that I seriously underestimated how much difference getting that little thing sorted would make.

My week off in general was, in many ways, about maintenance. Catching up with the little things I put off (like getting the loo fixed or having a bit of a clear out) because I am too busy with work or because I am not home enough. I forget how important time to maintain is. I endeavour to keep on top of everything, keep it all running smoothly and tidy / maintain as I go, but frequently I fall behind as I prioritise work & adventuring.

In fact, more than a week later, I’ve just remembered on that The bucket is still in its position under the once leaky pipe. I should put it away 😉

And to celebrate, my favourite ever sketch from Not the Nine o’Clock news. Guaranteed to have me in stitches:

I’ll tackle the second thing in another post. This one rambled more than I originally intended …

I’ll leave you with an article I read recently on marginal gains, that is making small improvements that add up. I am just wondering if I should prioritise the maintenance stuff more highly.



2 thoughts on “Time & toilets

    1. Well, okay. You got a word in edgeways. Have you been to the Captain Kirk school of winning in a no win situation?

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