Escape artists

I am a little behind with the one blog a day – I still haven’t written up Tuesday’s observation (I will, promise) and I am a day behind. It is Saturday, but I am about to write regarding Friday’s adventures 🙂

On Friday I met Misch for tea in the morning and we did our usual trick of escaping from somewhere, which is a happy constant in our adventuring together. We were going to meet in a new tea shop in Lewes, and I was power marching my way up town (I never manage to leave the house quite early enough for a leisurely stroll) when I spotted Misch walking down toward me looking more animated than usual and gesturing incomprehensibly with (unusually for Misch) a mildly frantic air about her.

About 10 steps away from the place, we met and she hastily explained it wasn’t the right place to meet and ushered me into another, nearby cafe. It all made sense, she’d narrowly escaped and was anxious for me not to get there, sit down and wait for her. It is one thing to venture into a cafe (or restaurant) and leave, but quite another to have to go back because your friend has now arrived there and is waiting for you 😉

We have escaped all manner of places together (and I still consider this one a joint effort) including pubs for Sunday lunch (I once rang an alternative pub to book a table while sat at the table in first place), churches during interminably long concerts, cafes, restaurants (3 in one evening once) and, of course, the entire country on our Lille day trip. I’ve finally learned that it is okay to opt not to sit and endure an experience (particularly when one is paying for the pleasure) that I don’t actually feel comfortable with and I need to give Misch the credit for tutoring me! I even explained, over our cup of tea, that I’d recently led an escape of my very own from a London restaurant without her being present. Needless to say, she was dead proud 😉

Hurrah for adventuring with friends (and tea)!

As an aside I did also buy some gorgeous shoes in the sale yesterday …

2014-04-12 16.38.15



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