Things I never thought I’d say

I am still catching up. Yesterday I blogged about Sunday’s little thing that made a big difference, this post is about Monday’s little thing.

On Monday I resolved that I will try weightlifting. Yes, you heard me. For anyone who knows me in person, that may be one of the most unlikely things you’ve ever heard me say. Or perhaps not and that is only my self perception. Now, the practical execution of this is a way off – I need to investigate and figure out how to do this safely and with correct training first. However, I’m determined to do it.

This started as a recommendation by a friend, whose opinion on physical training and exercise I value highly. I vividly remember not believing running could ever be for me until I started doing it. Therefore I am open to the idea that there might be other ways to train that I would like to have in my life that I am not yet aware of. My friend Kay has been gently suggesting I should take up crossfit for a while now and I am busy resisting. Honestly, the thought of crossfit scares the bejesus out of me. Weightlifting, though, according to her account sounds much more like something I am happy to give a go.

There are many things that appeal to me about it, but the thing that really clinched it  (which I am going to share publicly precisely because I am mildly ashamed of it) is that Kay advises I can gain a stronger, flatter stomach by lifting weights. I have been unhappy with how my stomach looks for years and telling myself I don’t care as much as I do for the same amount of time. Pretty much ever since I got myself back to a sensible weight after being severely underweight. I have no desire to make myself unwell to have a more aesthetically pleasing stomach, but if I can work towards it while still being healthy, then I’m interested to give it a go.

I don’t think this is only about vanity (though it may be and I am slightly ashamed to admit it plays a part at all). I am interested to challenge myself and to undertake exercise that I don’t think is likely to result in pain or injury. I am also up for trying new things, especially things I never thought would appeal to me, in order to see what happens.

All of this from a conversation with a friend that we started on the spur of the moment without any particular forethought. Talking to people about stuff is great because it has the potential to open up things I had no idea about.

I’ll definitely post more about the weightlifting as and when I do something about it. I have to stick to my commitment and do this now, or I’ll make a liar of myself to anyone who read this. Public declarations of things are great too …

Today’s song is Owl City’s Fireflies, which I rediscovered while browsing old playlists – it conjures hopefulness and magic for me and seems appropriate for today – which is interesting cos I’ve spent chunks of today feeling cruddy, unwell and on the verge of tears. You know what, I don’t mind that I’ve been all over the place today – I know my life is going in the right direction, because that is my commitment to myself and I’m acting on it 🙂


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