Raised on a diet of broken biscuits …

Morning all! There are so many things I’ve been meaning to blog about, but I’ve been prioritising other things lately. However, I have this week off work and I’ll be resurrecting my one blog post a day discipline from last year’s Cornwall holiday with the same theme: blog about a little thing that made a big difference 🙂

I’ve had a big and deeply thought provoking adventure this weekend, only appropriate as a way to round off a truly provocative week at work I guess 😉 Apparently I don’t do things the easy way. As a result I am physically and emotionally drained and only part way through recouping a sizeable sleep debt.

My little thing that made a big difference yesterday (Sunday) was receiving a call from the lost property office at London Victoria at 9 pm.

My weekend adventure played itself out in London and I stupidly dropped my mp3 player when getting off the train as I arrived. I realised my mistake within 5 minutes and went back to look for it, to no avail. Unusually for me I decided not to completely cut my losses and I went on a hunt for the lost property office and filed my loss. I had to ask several strangers for help in the course of this, something I usually avoid like the plague. Silly as this may sound, I was proud of myself for doing something positive rather than my usual plan of forgetting and moving on. The chaps behind the counter were friendly: I really appreciated that and told them so.

I had given it up for lost and was resigned to buying a replacement, but I got a call late last night from a chap who said he’d had something handed in. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I had the impression he had gone out of his way to contact me and let me know about it. He said it had been handed in at 9:30 on Saturday evening and apologised for not calling sooner. He urged me to call the lost property office when it was open (between 9-5) to sort out collecting it. I expressed my thanks and we agreed I was lucky it had been handed in.

What a nice thing and I am very grateful to that man for calling me and establishing that it was indeed my property. It made me smile.

Tying this into a wider theme, and to echo something a dear friend recently said to me, I am blessed to have and encounter the people I do in my life. So many people help me and contribute to my life in so many wonderful ways. I am blessed indeed 🙂

Oh and on the cryptic title – lyrics from a song that has been on my mind lately. Not only am I a huge fan of Pulp and not only has Britpop been on my mind lately, but various events have unwittingly reminded me of my teenage angst about not fitting in. Consider it a hint at the backdrop, the bigger picture of where I am right now, that situates the fragment of a story In this blog post.


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