Happy: a tale of 2 videos :-)

I am awake in the middle of the night. I’m not hugely enthused about this state of affairs and in fact I’m awake because I was upset about something that I refused to give myself space to acknowledge earlier in the week and my brain has chosen now to make me aware of the consequences of that decision. Ah well, it happens …

However, thank goodness for the internet. I found this video in my timeline earlier: a take on the idea of using Pharrell Williams Happy made in my adopted home town of Brighton. Watching it made me smile.

I love the strong University of Sussex flavour in it – I’ve been a part of the university for 10 years as both staff and student and I will forever consider myself a part of the University of Sussex family. I recognise many of the locations in the film specifically from the Uni and I particularly love the scenes in the library. I have spent MANY an hour there, ah fond memories! (It may be worth noting that I never danced in the library …)

I was reminded I meant to watch this after seeing it pop up in my Facebook timeline last week: the Happy (we are from Luton) video. Luton is my actual home town and (sorry all Luton residents, including my Mum) is a place I left at 18 and have never wanted to go back to.

I’ll be honest – I struggle to associate Luton with happiness, but the energy and mood of the video is so infectious that I do now have a connection between Luton and happiness in my mind that extends beyond the joy of seeing my Mum when I visit. A big thank you to all of those people, both the stars and the creators of the videos for sharing their energy and enthusiasm with me. Thanks for making me smile and feel happy.

I think I can go back to sleep now, hurrah! 🙂


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