The Events

This evening our choir performed at Brighton Dome as part of a play that is touring the UK.

I am ridiculously proud of being part of a choir and I love it when we sing together. I love the act of creating something that both affects me and shares something with other people. I sing as part of The Paddock Singers, a Lewes based choir.

We performed tonight as part of The Events, which is an exploration of some difficult themes around the shooting that happened in Norway a couple of years ago. I don’t see as much theatre as l’d like, but this is certainly serves as a very concentrated dose! As the chorus, the choir has an unparalleled view of the play as it unfolds as well as being intimately involved in its execution by singing. I feel strongly that all audiences are an inextricable part of any performance they witness and singing as part of the performance heightened my sense of being present with all the other people in the room tonight. The play’s themes include connection and group identity for human beings so these reflections seem apt.

I have often felt that I moderate and manage my emotional responses poorly. I express what I am feeling remarkably readily or completely dismiss my feelings in order to save social face – both of which frequently leave me feeling isolated in my day to day life. Singing, however, is a joyful channelling of emotional expression and to be able to do so as part of a community of others is a gift.

To be sitting on stage this evening and participating in the play was extraordinary. The ability of human beings to tell stories in a way that allows others to become a part of the story and experience their own reactions to its unfolding never, ever ceases to amaze me. And I am so glad human beings are so bent on expressing and sharing stories in such creative ways. After years of feeling that I don’t work properly, that I am somehow broken as a human being, I now really like the fact that I get easily lost in stories or other people’s worlds. It shades in a richness and texture to the world that I’d not be without.



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