Music, (a)Live

I had the privilege of sharing music I like with someone by going to a gig with a friend this week: my mate Ash came with me to see Warpaint last Thursday. I’m really happy to go to gigs on my own, but good company is always good fun. I wasn’t sure if Ash was enjoying it, but I let him get on with his experience while I lost myself in mine. I wasn’t there to pressurise him into enjoying it, I just wanted some company to do something I wanted to do. And to give someone else a reason to listen to music they might not otherwise hear.

It turns out we both had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially loved hearing his take on Warpaint, which he shared with me in person immediately after the gig as well as tweeting later:

A way of relating to the music it would never occur to me to formulate and a fascinating and insightful observation*. Ash is always generous with sharing his responses to things which made for a really enjoyable exchange about the gig afterwards. He also thanked me for introducing him to something new and something that he’d not heard anything else like before. I am really enjoying being in dialogue with people about music at the moment, long may it continue. Next mission is to find someone to sit and listen to music with me for hours on end, as if we could be teenagers once more.

Last thought from Ash – apparently next up is him taking me to a Girlschool gig. Sounds like an adventure to me 😉


*This then reminded me how much I liked Depeche Mode’s latest album, Delta Machine and inspired a re-listen to that on Saturday evening. This is exactly the way I am listening to music lately, following chains of recommendations, associations and memories and it is great fun. My January playlist starts with Warpaint’s latest single “Love is to Die” and meanders through some other stuff I’ve encountered or remembered that I love during January. It feels undeniably optimistic to me, which I like. A lot.

January 2014


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