Making a difference

I met an old friend today who thanked me for some advice I gave him three years ago. He was starting an MA part time while working full time, something I was just finishing and we were talking about seminar discussions and how scary the thought of speaking up was. Today we were discussing how we each found the challenge of studying an MA resulted in a massive increase in self confidence, something of great value to each of us given a common historic tendency to under estimate the potential of our contributions to the world at large.

He reminded me that I told him to do what I’d done – push myself to say one thing in each seminar, to contribute one point just to get used to it. He said “… you told me that if I kept on doing that I’d find myself saying more and more in seminars and I did!” Apparently he found it such good advice he recently passed it onto some students about to start an MA that he was talking to.

I remember devising that strategy for myself purposefully to get over my fear of contributing to a discussion and my euphoria at realising about nine months later that it was working. How wonderful to know that my sharing that was valuable to someone else and to discover they thought it worthy of passing on.

In a very small way, I made the world a better place 🙂 #ftw!


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