Beginnings and endings of the day

As I sit here, just about to curl up and read before getting an early night, I’ve decided I need to change the way I think about photographs. Like this one that I discovered on my phone just now. I took it just because I loved the way one solitary building was picked out in a blinding golden explosion of light in the view from my office window one morning. I wanted to share how much I loved unexpectedly encountering it in a scene of such mundane familiarity as an empty office at work at 8am.

2013-08-12 20.12.14

I take so many photos that never see the light of day. Not just that I don’t share them, but I barely even look at them again after taking them. You’d think, being all social media savvy, that I’d have clocked this already, but I need to stop thinking of photographs as capturing a viewpoint for posterity and being something to be saved. That isn’t actually how I use them any more (except on rare special occasions).

Instead photographs are a visual way of expressing where I am in any given moment and I should share them in the way I share my thoughts, as a clue to how I’m experiencing the world. My one disillusionment about the photos I take is that they so rarely capture the true beauty of what I see, as no camera I own can ever come close to the sophistication of the human eye. However, it is the same with the words I speak – none can be more than a shadow of whatever it is I am feeling. I’d still rather share than not.


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