Play me

I’ve been struggling with a playlist (this is a regularity – I find myself creating one a month) for about 10 days now.  I’ve known it isn’t quite right, but haven’t had the time or brain space to do anything about it. The other morning, during ‘I’ve-not-dragged-myself-out-of-bed-yet’ thinking time, it hit me. The playlist is muddled because two different ideas are competing and that never makes for a good creative anything.

It took listening to the playlist using my proper headphones (over the ear ones) to tune into what I was missing. As I played with it, I listened to the playlist while laid on my back in the garden with my arms flung wide from my body, drifting in and out of being somewhere and someone else. Not that absorption is an unusual mode for me to listen to music in, but as I listened I realised the intensity I sought was the key distinguishing factor between tracks that belonged and tracks that didn’t.

I create playlists utterly intuitively: one of the few areas in my life where I give my intuitive exploration of the world free rein. (Incidentally and unsurprisingly, sex is another). As a result, creating a playlist is often a good exercise in tuning into my own experience and reconnecting with where I am at any given time.

Play me – April 2013

‘Play me’ is about the music playing me or rather me being fully aware that is what is happening, for a change.


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