Ansum day it were, me luvver!


Today was my last day in Cornwall and, as it was sunny, I delayed driving home and spent the morning in Porthleven on the South coast and about 30 minutes drive from where I’ve been staying.

I went to find a cafe to have breakfast and stumbled across a small place, with wooden tables and pretty tablecloths – that was the one! I almost never have a cooked breakfast (I usually can’t eat that much first thing) but today I really fancied it. I ordered a pot of tea and a small cooked breakfast and settled into the warmth of the cafe. The warmth was causing condensation on the inside of the windows and I idly gazed out the window as I mentally flicked through fond memories of two big family holidays in Porthleven.

The waitresses in the cafe were so welcoming, the warmth of the cafe so inviting and the steaming tea just what I needed. I even picked up a discarded copy of the West Briton newspaper and had a read. Despite often thinking this would be a nice thing to do, I NEVER go out to a cafe for breakfast, much less have a cup of tea and read the paper while I’m there. It felt like a real luxury and I was hungry (having not eaten much the evening before) so I really enjoyed it.

The whole experience really summed up what this holiday has been about: time and space to do things that I enjoy but wouldn’t usually manage. Time and space to do things without the expectation that there has to be a tangible and outwardly visible payoff for the time spent doing them. Like having a late breakfast in a lovely cafe with the harbour only a stone’s throw away.


*Ansum or ansome is a word from the Cornish dialect that is used either as a term of endearment (“all right me ansum?” or as approval (“an ansum pasty”). I also overhead the cafe proprietress use the word in conversation to a colleague today – in reponse to something she exlaimed “Ansum, ansum!” so it must have been something good …

See this forum post for examples of use of the word ansum in full context.


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