Making good

My adventurings today took me to Lizard Point. Today I stood somewhere, knowing that all of England was behind me (i.e. to the North). Not only that, but I took myself on a 7ish mile hike to get there, walking a small segment of the South West Coast Path (which may just be my favourite foothpath in the whole country).

There were many, many wonderful things about today but keeping with the emergent theme lately of my blog I will write about something small in my day that had a big impact. At Lizard Point I stopped to read all the National Trust signs (as I always do) and found myself reading about theh RNLI.

I’m fascinated by the RNLI and deeply in awe of the commitment of this charity and its members to preserving life under conditions that are utterly abominable and distinctly life threatening to the volunteers. Reading the sign giving information about the biggest rescue ever for the RNLI brought me to the point of tears.


A small, but important point about this was the mention of RNLI lifeboats from four different places, including Porthleven, were involved in the rescue. Part of my family hails from Porthleven and this part of my history is not lost on me when I am down in this bit of the world.


My Cornish ancestors have nautical links, though I know no more about it than that, and I found myself wondering if anyone I am related to was involved in the rescue that night. Suddenly, just like that, I felt a (more) profound sense of connection to these events. Not that I have any idea if I have any blood tie with anyone involved in that event and neither does it actually matter, but the act of thinking about it from that perspective made the story about saving the SS Suevic manifest in a wholly new way for me.

The other thing that smacked me in the face about this is that sometimes people just do whatever is required to keep on going (for example, enduring 12 hours of sea rescue in horrific weather conditions) in service of the greater good and sometimes this involves acts of grand and also quiet heroism. I don’t intend to join the RNLI (!) but part of my mission in life is to seek my own way to make a difference and seek ways to be an amazing human being because I know we have it in every one of us to lead an amazing life and there is no way I’m giving up on that opportunity.



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