A warm welcome in Mousehole

I’ve spent another day exploring the Cornish coastline, this time focusing on west Cornwall from St Ives through to Mousehole. I elected not to drive from St Ives round to Land’s end and instead crossed country more directly from North to South to get to Porthcurno. Here are 3 cheering observations from today πŸ™‚

#1 Daffs! Nearly all the inland minor roads seeDSCF8340m to be flanked with daffodils, which was a lovely sight as I drove around today. Also matches the bright yellow scarf I bought from the Lizard Point gift shop that I wore today (you can probably see that in one of the pics below). Nothing like a flash of yellow to brighten your day πŸ™‚DSCF8361

#2 The colour of the sea in the west never fails to take my breath away. On a sunny day it is a rich, deep greeney turquoise that I’ve yet to see anywhere else. Even on a grey day, the colour of the sea against the churned up sand is just fabulous and makes me glad to be alive and able to take in the view.

#3 The Kernowek people are a very friendly bunch, by and large, but I recieved a welcome that went even beyond the usual bounds of Cornish hospitality in Mousehole today. I have no idea what my new friend’s name is, but apparently we were on familiar enough terms for her to jump onto my shoulder as I leant down to say hello. What a pretty little puss-cat, the softness of her fur I can verify by virtue of feeling it right up against my cheek and ear. I was sad to say goodbye …DSCF8381DSCF8384DSCF8385



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