“Don’t jump!”

I have the sense that I’ve spent my day roaming the Cornish coastline and my cheeks bear testimony to it by virtue of feeling somewhat wind burned this evening. Hours spent on the coast of Marizion, clambering atop St Michael’s Mount and wandering along a beautifully bleak promenade in nearby Penzance have left me relaxed, happily tired and glad to get home into the warm.

My favourite part of DSCF8084today was a random encounter with a stranger in Penzance. I was standing on the promenade at the top of some steps going down into the sea patiently trying with my camera to a capture a shot that had formed in my mind’s eye. I can easily while away hours on such pursuits, even when my hands are becoming painfully cold. So absorbed in my project was I that when I finally looked up and took a side step away, intending to check back through the 10 or so photos already taken, I nearly walked into the path of a cyclist.

Before I could even apologise he called out “don’t jump!”, with a distinctly mischevious tone of voice. I considered how I must have looked from behind – intently staring down a flight of steps leading to turbulent water, my camera hidden by my body. Being teased by someone I don’t even know made my day and I laughed. I couldn’t think of anything witty to say on the spot, but I definitely got the giggles. He rode on, but looked back several times. We waved to each other, and I’m pretty sure I was still giggling to myself as he rode out of sight.

I hope my evident mirth created a bright spot in his day, as his banter did for mine. Of course, perhaps he was looking back just to check I wasn’t diving into the water …

Oh and incase you were wondering, I did realise my shot in the end:



2 thoughts on ““Don’t jump!”

    1. Thanks! I do often hang around in freezing cold weather to try and get a photo I’ve set my heart on … nice when it works out 🙂

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