Sonrisa :-)

It is day two of my Cornwall adventure and I hit upon what I was going to blog about today when one tiny little thing brightened my day beyond measure and in completely unexpected fashion.

I’m enjoying the luxury of doing a lot of driving on quiet country roads while I’m staying here. I don’t drive much when I’m at home and I find it relaxing to take myself off places at my own pace. As I was driving this afternoon I joined a short queue of cars behind a slow moving tractor. After a couple of minutes the queue of cars started to file past. When it came to my turn I waited as there was a car coming the other way and no room for us both to pass.

When the oncoming traffic had gone the driver of the tractor pulled over and stopped, poked his head out the window then turned back and gave me a huge, broad smile. He waved me to go past, still with this incredibly infectious smile on his face.

It made such an impression on me, this tiny little thing that I was smiling to myself for a good few miles down that road. It never ceases to amaze me how much of an impact we can have on others with actions like a smile that can, at first glance, seem so small.

I’ve had a rather lovely day for all sorts of reasons, but this particular thing struck me and reminded me of a TED talk I watched recently on the power of smiling. I am resolved to make a conscious effort to smile more, both for my own well being and to brighten the lives of the lovely people around me.


*Sonrisa is Spanish for smile – I find it a beautifully evocative word even though I find in it none of the history and connotations of the English word.


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