Cameras, action … print!

As I’m standing on the platform at Brighton station, waiting, my phone rings. Laura’s voice bursts into my brain.

“I’m here! I’ve got the print outs and there’s a train just about to leave. GO!”

Dashing for the train

Instantly jolted from my alert passivity, I scan the crowd for a flash of sky blue (her signature colour), clock that she is clutching an A3 folder and sprint for the train. We collapse through the open door followed by a stern glance from the conductor and dissolve into panting fits of giggles.

“Made it!” I stutter through the laughter. “I was aiming for the train due in 10 minutes, but hey … ”

And so we started our journey to Madrid for a client meeting. That morning was the most fun I’ve ever had travelling to a client meeting 😉 I’d forgotten to create one of the print outs (5 measly copies among 6/7 different sets of documents needed) and I had to ask my colleagues to help to make the copies and allow me to get my train. They rose to the occaision in spectacular style. With carefully measured instructions from me over the phone, a human courier from BLOOM HQ to Brighton station and an unexpected relay with Laura (my travelling companion) finding herself accosted as she reached the station to find an A3 plastic wallet thrust into her hands, finally concluding in a hell for leather dash for the train. The train 10 minutes earlier than the one I’d planned to get originally.

The funniest thing was that our flight at Gatwick didn’t leave until 12:10 – we were rushing to keep to the original schedule, which had plenty of flex in it anyway. But hey, how often do you get to pretend you’re part of an action film when you are actually working?!?

PS I realise trains don’t look like that any more, but was a much more interesting picture to draw that way. This is my blog and I’ll take poetic license wherever I choose to 😉


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