Gangnam Style & Chambord (& social business?!?)

Hola! I’m still alive! I’ve been a bit quiet both on twitter and on my blog of late, which is entirely because I’ve been channelling as much of my energy as possibly into work lately. For the first time in my life I actually have a career, with a career path ahead of it and everything AND it is all going pretty well right now! No one is more surprised than me … Partly, I think, because of the thing within me that drives the creation of such daft observations as the one contained in the title of this post.

It is more than just a title, it is actually an observation I made on an evening spent with some dear friends of mine. If I were to sum up my memories of the evening in a line it would be Gangnam Style and Chambord. For anyone who hasn’t encountered the K-pop senasation Gangnam Style, please see the video above. For anyone who hasn’t encountered chambord before, see picture below. It is a raspberry liqeur that comes in a fabulously ornate bottle. It has a fragrance that takes me back to being 5 and eating jelly.

What tickled me about this observation enough to share it with my friends (and then on my blog) is the ridiculousness of it; the unlikely combination of two very different things. Naturally there was more to the evening than just listening to one pop track and drinking raspberry liqueur. However, they were important components of an experience with my friends and, importantly, these entities signify for me the poles within which our shared worlds operate. (I realise the scenario I’ve just conjured there may actually be quite a frightening prospect.)

(And – for Chris – I have to tell the world that a Chambord bottle does look a bit like the holy hand grenade of Monty Python fame.)

We (generally, not just my friends and I) veer between extremes and around stereotypes, because we are human beings and not pre programmed automatons. In actual fact, no combination should  seem impossibly unlikely – the needs and interests of human beings being as diverse and various as they are.

I spend my life looking for unlikely combinations and then seeking ways to reconcile the disparate elements. I find myself physically drawn to tensions and contradictions, with a mission to find the bridge between the factions. To bring us back full circle, I think this is exactly why I do the job I do. I spend a large part of my day finding ways to communicate across communication gaps, to make bridges  between very different experiences of the world. I work in social business and social media, so bridging the gap between consumer and company is the most obvious that springs to mind. Often more fundamental, however, is bridging the gap between different employees in the same company – one person’s vision for much needed change can easily be anathema to someone else, even someone who is ‘playing for the same team’. At its core, resolving those tensions and getting some positive change & movement is about finding points of contact, even if the original vision needs to shift a little as a result. I love this part of my job, even though it is sometimes bloody difficult.

Who’d have ever thought I’d find a way to make a living out of the kind of stuff that I love doing anyway? Certainly not I – I am blessed indeed! Now where did I put the remains of that Chambord?

For anyone who doesn’t know much about what I do for a living, you may
a) not care – absolutely fair enough! Continue on your way and don’t read any further
b) be kinda curious.
This blog is purposefully not all about my working life, it is about who I am as a person. Hence I write about all kinds of rubbish. That does, however, sometimes include a healthy amount of pride in my work and my career progression to date. 
This blog post I’ve linked to below sums up nicely some of the key points for me about working in social business, so if you’re interested in getting an idea of my day to day and the challenges in my working life, have a read. Otherwise, as you were 😉
And to reward anyone who has got this far (!) – here is my latest playlist via Spotify

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