Moving images

I am surrounded by triangles of green and blue that cannot possibly stay still, the light dances all around me and a flock of birds skims over the water a few feet away. Salt water splashes my face and I breathe a deep sigh of contentment.

It was so beautiful I wanted to remember the scene and the feeling of being in the water forever. My housemate and I went swimming in the sea at Tide Mills – it was a last minute plan that started my weekend off perfectly. It was chilly, but worth it. There was a sense of freedom in the chill and quiet.

The image stayed with me, vivid and beautiful, the reflections dancing into my mind whenever I think of it.


Tilt-shift in space and in memory

I stumbled across a beautiful little tilt-shift film completely by chance out there in the wilds of social media about a week ago and wanted to share it with you all. I tried out a new way of ordering and displaying social data related to my twitter account (Kred story for anyone interested) and happened to spot a link to a video of Spain posted a month ago by a friend of mine (the lovely Alejandro).

I was thinking that just the finding of this video was an interesting occurrence in and of itself. There is so much chatter in my twitter feed that the chances of me picking up everything interesting in it over a single day are approximately 0%. The odds of me seeing something after a whole month has passed are therefore not good. That I managed to find this lovely little video fills me with joy and happiness about the serendipitous nature of wasting time fiddling about on the internet. It just goes to show that cutting the data different ways does produce different findings.

As any of my friends right now are painfully aware, I am in the grip of a mild obsession with Spain having travelled to Madrid three times in the space of the last 10 months and deciding I’ve fallen in love with it. Hence my interest in the video. I also love the miniaturisation and the effort to give a window into a different place.

Then as I was just about to write this post, the plane of focus in my memory shifted and I remembered another, equally striking, tilt-shift video of Brighton that I saw a few months ago. The sense of familiarity with the places captured in this video is so strong that I feel it physically, yet even so it gives me a new perspective on them. How fascinating a slight change in perspective can be, even with something that you think you know so well.

This is Brighton from Caleb Yule on Vimeo

Wholly unexpectedly both my desire to travel and/or live in Spain and my love of being in Brighton came into focus together, despite originally seeming to be at odds with one another.

(NB: yes I read up on the mechanics of tilt-shift photography this afternoon, just out of curiosity. I didn’t expect to find such an apt metaphor within which to frame my thoughts though. I was just doing it to understand how it worked … )