Flying through the long grass

This picture, found on one of my recent birthday cards, makes me want to cry with a sense both of longing and release every time I look at it.

It speaks to me in the most unmediated way I can imagine about freedom.

To say that freedom is a theme of epic sgnificance in my life would downplay its magnitude somewhat, but it’s a start. My housemate gave me the card and explained he figured the three hares could stand for him, myself and his son. I am the one in front, dashing headlong into whatever is over the next hill. This prompted fresh tears (having already been moved to tears by my own, inarticulable story for this image when I first opened the envelope).

I don’t think I can explain my story for this picture in words. It touches something so deeply that I am transported without warning into the constellation of line & colour, light & dark. Linear description fails me. Utterly. Euphoria. I don’t know how a simple linocut image induces euphoria, but it does and suddenly I am flying over the hills, far away from all the things that have ever restrained or shackled me and I realise this is, actually, my experience of life every day now.

I’m so grateful to be me and be here now. Honestly, you have no idea just how much it means. Apparently, neither do I as I require a picture to remind me every now and then 😉

I’ll leave this with my latest playlist – as befits a post where I’ve already confessed I can’t do my ideas justice in words. Amongst other things it is a reflection on being 30, achieving a degree of comfort in my own skin I never imagined possible and my own unwordy commentary on my journey to this point in life.

The view from here – Louise’s thoughts on having made it to 30

*Image: 'Running Hares' by Rob Barnes