Wooed by song

I heard ‘You & Me Song’ by the Wannadies on the radio the other day and I had forgotten just how much I loved it.


Though I suppose it is about love I don’t think of it as being a love song, which is perhaps part of why I like it.  I love the way it starts, gently and intimately with the simplicity of the vocals taking precedence and then builds towards the chorus where it explodes, musically and volume-wise.  I also love the lyrics.  When I haven’t heard the song for a while the first few lines always make me just slightly defensive, although I know I like the song.

“Always when we fight/I try to make you laugh/til everything’s forgotten/I know you hate that”

I catch myself thinking this must really a song about manipulative behaviour and, being considerably more cynical about love than I used to be, I find myself wondering if perhaps I have misremembered the song and perhaps it is about some kind of childish, immature love that I have no space or time for anymore.  Somehow, though, as the vocalist claims he manages to win his lover round so the song wins me over with its softness and cajoling.  Once we get to the second verse I have completely changed my opinion, distinctly aided by the gently self mocking tone of the lines

“You tell me I’m a real man/And try to look impressed/Not very convincing/But you know I love it”

Once I’ve heard that I am in love with the song all over again and need to hear it a second time.  The second time round even the first verse makes sense for me, ’tis plainly and simply about that intimacy of two people knowing each other well enough to be able to tread the fine lines between irritation & amusement and between each other’s vulnerabilities without being discourteous.

That, in combination with its softness, the musical layering and build up, the lovely vocals and my soft spot for things that are non-idiotically and, in an unpretentious way, idealistic makes for a song I can (and do) listen to over and over again.

And, though I make a point of being not overly given to sentimentality any more (especially about love) it reminds me of a deeply buried desire to once again nurture a relationship with someone to the point where we would know each other that well.


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