Sparkle and Fire

I have several ideas for blog posts and not enough time to write them all up at the moment.  I must make an effort to get them into actual words instead of words in my head as the two things are not the same thing at all. However, it is about time I did a photograph based blog post as everyone reading has been putting up with dense chunks of words for several weeks now.

These are photographs I took last year of a magnificent and splendiferous tree that stands outside the house.  I stare out at it as I eat breakfast in the morning or wait for the kettle to boil for a cup of tea or just when I am idly staring out the kitchen window.  I noticed the dazzling colours of the leaves again this year and was reminded of being tempted outside one morning last year by heart-liftingly beautiful sunlight streaming through the leaves.  It took me a while to figure out how I could best capture the luminosity of the leaves as they caught the sun.  I only have a tiddly little compact camera and I am hardly well acquainted with the finer details of photography so I have no illusions of grandeur about the pics I snapped, but they bring back to me the memory of being stunned by the brightness of the light and the intensity of colour.

I think that perhaps 50% of the photographs I take are motivated by a desire to capture an effect of the light as much as they are to capture the landscape or more tangible objects within view of the shutter.  Typically, of course, it is much more difficult to try and capture something of the feeling of the light or even just the feeling of the scene than it is to idly snap a tree or the hills.  I delight in even getting close to capturing whatever it was that really caught my eye when I take photographs.  I especially like to try and get a sense of the changing qualities of the light and/or colours I encounter.

Some days the light levels and quality, the smell in the air, the feel of the moisture or breeze against my cheek, take me back in time to other times and places I had forgotten experiencing.  I love the way the seasonal changes will take me back to the same point, but in a previous year.  Going outside on to the pavement and it being cold, damp after heavy rain and generally being surrounded by earthy, wet, colours often takes me back to rainy days at primary school for some reason.  Being outside among the greenery on a cloudy, damp, grey day where the vividness of the green is emphasised, takes me back to long  walks with my ex-husband.  To try and grab onto that invisible thread that seems to connect experience and memory, give it a bit of a tug and then immortalise some of what started it all off is a past-time I never tire of.


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